About Us

About Us


Aviron Technical Institute was founded in 1937 by aviation pioneer Capitaine W. J. Guy,  and european industrial educator Simon F. Flegg, when they combined their knowledge and expertise to create  the trade school under the name “Aviron”

It was a very timely moment in history, as the entire country was preparing for war. Within months, Aviron participated in the war efforts by educating and training people into the industry of aviation. This came in the form of many disciplines, such as sheet metal transformation, assembly, design, and welding, to name a few. It was at this time that our graduates were hired by companies with high demand and looking for well trained hands – on workers. These students paved the way for Aviron, evloving to support present day requirements.

While Aviron began as a leading provider of aviation mechanics, today, the students  can craft their education to graduate with confidence and pursue careers within the fields of electricity, auto mechanics, industrial drafting, and welding.

Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal maintains its landmark status and is considered a reputable trade school. Offering a variety of loan and bursary programs, licensed by the MELS and enlisting experts in the industry, Aviron holds more than 600 students, providing them with the education they need to pursue their careers.


At Aviron Technical Institute, we believe it is important to offer our students with the means and the tools necessary in realizing their dreams.

The student is our priority, we are committed to providing them the  guidance and preparation needed to help them pursue their career, and support them every step of the way until the end of their studies.


  • To be recognized as the leader of trade schools in Quebec
  • To expand our expertise into international markets
  • To offer courses that will meet the needs and demands of the future
  • To develop new training techniques by continuously improving each discipline

Faculty & Staff

With over 60 certified faculty members, we provide students with highly professional instructors, certified by the minister of education. Our instructors are experienced mentors with qualified expertise in their respective field of teaching, preparing  students to succeed in the competitive work place.

Program Departments


  • Admissions Department
  • Counselors Department
  • Finance Department
  • IT Department
  • Registrars Department