Requirements for International Students


Admission Requirements for International Students

To be eligible for admission for vocational studies leading to an SSVD , international students must meet one of the following requirements:

• Comparative Evaluation : This is a document issued by Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Québec. It indicates the level of education equivalent for studies conducted outside of Québec. The minimum required level is a secondary 4. Please visit the following link for more information;


• Diploma and Transcript: Original and certified copies of your diploma and transcript from the highest level of education is required. The copies must be translated into French or English. The assessment of the level of study will be completed by the school, the minimum level corresponding to the Quebec school system required is secondary 4;


• General Development Test (GDT) and specific prerequisites: You must present a document stating that you have successfully completed the TDG and specific prerequisites. Please refer to each programs specific requirements in regards to the TDG .

Automobile Mechanics
• Electricity
• Industrial Drafting
• Welding and Fitting<


 Secondary School Equivalency Test (SSET): This evaluation is composed of seven equivalency exams at the Secondary 5 level. These multiple choice tests, assess your general knowledge in English (grammar), English (reading comprehension), mathematics, French (second language), social studies, economics and natural science. Once you’ve passed the evaluation, an Attestation of Equivalence of Secondary Studies (AESS) at the Secondary 5 level is issued. You must present this certificate to apply for an SSVD.

Required documents

To provide with the application

Birth certificate : : in French or English.

If you meet the requirements for admission, and you submit all required documents, your file can be assessed. Based on this assessment you will receive a letter of acceptance within 7 to 10 days.

To provide after the admission

After receiving the letter of admission, you must :

Step 1: Apply for an Acceptance Certificate for studies (CAQ) of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Québec. Please visit the following link for more information:

Step 2: Apply for a study permit from Immigration and Citizenship Canada: please visit the following link for more information:

The CAQ and study permit are required in order to start the program. You must send copies to the school before the course begins.

For more information on the CAQ,  the Study Permit and the Equivalences, visit our FAQ page.