PROGRAMME Électricité
CODE 5295
TYPE DE DIPLÔME Diplôme d'études professionnelles (DEP)
DURÉE TOTALE 1800 heures
FRAIS DE SCOLARITÉ (Étudiant résidant au Canada) $19,950.00 CAD | (Les frais de scolarité pour les cours d'électricité commençant après le 1er juillet 2024 s'élèveront à 21 950 $ CAD)

A graduate in Electricity can count on a rich and promising future within a vast field of opportunities. The electricity program prepares you to install, repair, and maintain electrical systems and equipment.

With a total of 1,800 hours , as a full time student, the program is divided into 24 competencies. With a mix of classroom theory, and hands-on work, students will develop the skills to perform roles, functions, tasks and activities, which will prepare them to progress efficiently and safely on the job.

Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal prepares the student to install and/or maintain, electrical systems in the residential, commercial, industrial and public work sectors. Installation activities take place primarily in the construction sector where the apprenticeship scheme of the Commission de la Construction du Québec (CCQ) applies, and for other sectors, Emploi-Quebec’s apprenticeship scheme applies.

Electricians generally work in pairs under the supervision of a master electrician, members of the Corporation des maîtres-électriciens du Québec, or electrical contractor. The work can take place indoors or outdoors, it is trade that is physically demanding and may require working at heights.

* Please note that an international student registered in the electricity program assumes the responsibility of finding and completing the 150 hours of work, required by the CCQ, following his/her training, with a company or a contractor in electricity and understand that he/she would not have the same advantages as local students in the labor market.

* This DEP program is eligible for the program of student financial assistance from the government of Quebec (excluding foreign students).

  • Electricians in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties

  • Read and interpret drawings, circuit diagrams and electrical code specifications to determine wiring layouts for new or existing installations

  • Pull wire through conduits and through holes in walls and floors

  • Install brackets and hangers to support electrical equipment

  • Install, replace and repair lighting fixtures and electrical control and distribution equipment, such as switches, relays and circuit breaker panels

  • Splice, join and connect wire to fixtures and components to form circuits

  • Test continuity of circuits using test equipment to ensure compatibility and safety of system, following installation, replacement or repair

  • Troubleshoot and isolate faults in electrical and electronic systems and remove and replace faulty components

  • Connect electrical power to audio and visual communication equipment, signaling devices and heating and cooling systems

  • Conduct preventive maintenance programs and keep maintenance records.

  • Code Competency Description Hours Credits
    754-992 Health and safety prevention in the work place 30 2
    783-401 To determine their suitability for the trade ad the training process 15 1
    783-412 To use a computer 30 2
    783-428 To verify the voltage, current and power of electrical circuits 120 8
    873-433 To draw an installation sketch and a circuit diagram 45 3
    783-445 To use tools 75 5
    783-453 To work at heights and handle materials 45 3
    783-466 To install electrical conduits and cables 90 6
    783-477 To install residential branch circuits and associated protective devices 105 7
    783-484 To interpret drawings, specifications, technical manuals and maintenance procedures 60 4
    783-494 To install and maintain three-phase transformers 60 4
    783-506 To install and maintain a service entrance and emergency power supply 90 6
    783-517 To verify that electronic circuits are working properly 105 7
    783-525 To verify the relay and integrated circuit logic of electrical and electronic circuits 75 5
    783-537 To install and maintain a lighting system 90 6
    783-555 To install copper and fiber optic communications cables 75 5
    783-564 To install a fire alarm system 60 4
    783-578 To install home automation and residential telephone systems 120 8
    783-586 To install and maintain DC and single-phase AC rotating machines and associated controls 90 6
    783-597 To install and maintain a three-phase AC rotating machine and associated controls 105 7
    783-607 To install and maintain a programmable controller for building electrical systems 105 7
    783-615 To install and maintain electronic instrumentation for building electrical systems 75 5
    783-622 To prepare for the job market 30 2

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