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Posted on 2023-03-10 by Institut Technique Aviron de Montreal

If you’re looking for a career change or just eager to jumpstart your career in Computing Support? You’ve come to the right place. At Aviron Technical Institute in the beautiful Montreal, Quebec, you have the opportunity to learn Computing from head to toe.


This night program was designed for the busy people in mind; the non stop moms, the hardworking men and everyone in between. With hands-on teaching of various softwares for various applications is provided, students will additionally learn to carry out work on computer stations in stand-alone or network mode. From operating systems, to application software, databases and more, you will also learn to analyze the architecture and operations of various computer systems.


The Aviron Technical Institute Computing Support program is a standard 1800 program, specifically focusing on mastery of job tasks and extended skills. While students have 20 courses whose duration varies from 30 to 120 hours each, the Montreal known trade school added 2 mandatory internships of 120 hours each to the syllabus, and must be carried out in the workplace. This gives every student in the program real life work experience upon completion of the diploma from a well respected trade school for over 85 years.


Best part? Aviron’s Computing Support program is eligible for student financial assistance from the Government of Quebec. Therefore, every student has the opportunity to skip the never ending public school wait times and jump right into a private education towards their Computing future.

Enroll now before all the spots fill up:


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