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Posted on 2023-07-20 by Institut Technique Aviron de Montreal

What Is Industrial Drafting?

Choosing a career in industrial drafting is deciding to work with leading technology. It means acquiring detailed knowledge in various specialties across varying sectors and the skilled use of numerous state-of-the-art computer software programs.

Industrial drafting is a fundamental discipline that plays a crucial role in the design and development of products and structures within the industrial sector. It is a specialized form of technical drawing that involves creating detailed plans, diagrams, and blueprints that serve as the foundation for manufacturing and construction processes. These meticulously crafted drawings provide engineers, architects, and other professionals with a clear visual representation of their ideas, facilitating seamless communication and ensuring accurate implementation.


The core purpose of industrial drafting is to translate conceptual ideas into tangible, practical designs. Drafters utilize Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and other specialized tools to produce precise and standardized drawings, ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout the design process. Industrial drafters work closely with engineers and designers to create plans for everything from machinery and mechanical components to infrastructure and architectural structures. Their drawings serve as essential guides for manufacturers, constructors, and technicians, helping to bring complex projects to life with precision and accuracy.


Industrial drafting is a vital component of the industrial landscape, acting as the visual language that bridges the gap between conceptualization and realization. Through meticulous drawings and technical illustrations, industrial drafters contribute to the creation of innovative products and structures that shape various industries. As technology continues to advance, the field of industrial drafting evolves alongside it, embracing cutting-edge tools and methodologies to meet the demands of an ever-changing industrial landscape.


Drafting Vs. Design

It is essential to distinguish between a designer and a drafter. A designer diagrams mechanical parts, creating the overall drawings for assembly and detail. A drafter, also known as a draftsperson, a drafting technologist, a drafting technician, or a computer-assisted drafting (CAD) technician, improves or adapts existing products in addition to designing new ones, or may lead projects. A designer may work in the field for a few years before becoming a drafter.


About The DEP Program

The Industrial Drafting DEP program that Aviron offers is made up of 25 theoretical and practical modules with a total hourly volume of 1,800 hours. During your academic training, you'll learn to solve problems related to industrial drafting, take and interpret measurements, and develop the skills essential to understanding mechanical manufacturing.


Draftsmen create the devices and structures that make our world work. As an industrial draftsperson, you can apply your knowledge of engineering principles, mathematics, materials, and trigonometry in industrial settings. You will learn how to use computer-aided design systems to produce engineering drawings, specifications, and reports. Upon completing the program, you will be ready to take on challenging career opportunities such as Engineer, Architectural Draftsman, Technical Sales Representative, and many others.


Main Job Operations:

  • Develop and prepare engineering designs and drawings from preliminary concepts, sketches, engineering calculations, specification sheets and other data
  • Operate computer-assisted design (CAD) and drafting workstations
  • Develop and prepare design sketches
  • Complete documentation packages and produce drawing sets
  • Check and verify design drawings to conform to specifications and design data
  • Write technical reports
  • Prepare contracts and tender documents
  • Prepare construction specifications, costs, and material estimates
  • Supervise and train other technologists, technicians, and drafters.
  • Develop and prepare engineering drawings, plans, diagrams, or layouts from sketches.
  • Operate computer-assisted drafting equipment or a conventional drafting station.

NEW Online Opportunity

We know you’re busy and we understand. Life is hectic. Whether you're a parent, a student, or already a working professional, we know firsthand that your days are jam-packed. However, continuing your education should always be able to be an option. 


Introducing our ONLINE Industrial Drafting program. Everyone now has the opportunity to advance (or begin) their career as a drafting professional at their own leisure. The application process will still remain the same, so make sure you apply before the start date. It is also important to note that while the course is completely remote, the exams and evaluations will be conducted in person at Aviron. Please take this into account when applying as failure to complete exams will result in an incompletion of the program.


We look forward to having you join the Industrial Drafting department at Aviron. 



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