Computing Support 101

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Welcome to Computing Support - one of Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal’s leading DEP’s. With a total of 1,800 hours , as a full time student, the program is divided into 20 courses varying from 30 to 120 hours. With a mix of classroom theory, and hands- on work, students are also required to complete 2 internships of 120 hours each and carried out in the workplace.



Computers have become a part of most people’s lives. Whether you use it for business, home or entertainment, you probably have a computer in your life. If you have an issue with your computer, wouldn’t you want someone who is reliable to come and fix the problem for you? This is where this course comes in.


Computing Support professionals are the specialists within the overall I.T. industry. They are responsible for supporting, maintaining and troubleshooting computer equipment and networks. The broad range of technologies that they have to support include operating systems, desktop software applications, network hardware and configuration, as well as security updates and troubleshooting. Like other technicians in the I.T. industry Computing Support professionals perform highly technical work that requires detailed knowledge about how computers work and how to repair them when they break down or go wrong.



This program will teach you how to use different softwares for various applications such as operating systems, application software, databases, to name a few. The focus will be on how these programs can be used to solve technical problems in industry and everyday life situations.


We are proud to offer a wealth of knowledge and resources to our students, who can also expect a friendly and supportive learning environment. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether they be professional or personal.



While students have their independent goal for success, the Computing Support program aims to aid those in achieving them. Some of our program goals include, but are not limited to; make optimal use of software and exploit its possibilities, create and operate databases & develop utility programs, Restore the operation of a computer station, install the physical and logical elements of a computer station, manage access to network resources & set up the shareable resources of a network. 

We, the team at Aviron, are committed to helping students achieve every one of their goals.



While the world of computing has a broad range of opportunities post completion of the DEP, some of the most popular jobs include; network administrator, computer hardware installer, computer network technician, or a technician in maintenance and repair of computer equipment. 


Apply today - Your future self will thank you.


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