Automobile Mechanics - Courses Now Available for 2023! Apply Now

Posted on 2023-02-28 by Institut Technique Aviron de Montreal

Do you love cars inside and out? Aviron has the perfect program for you.


At Aviron, Automotive Mechanics are highly trained to understand all of the different components and complex nature of anything automotive. Automotive Mechanics, as a whole, have a vast knowledge of the interior structure and functions of vehicles. Their work primarily consists of maintaining vehicles in perfect working order while of course, adhering to the health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.


As a student at Aviron in the Automotive Mechanics department, you will have the opportunity to complete 29 theoretical and hands-on modules. The program will consist of you working on conventional and computer controlled motor vehicles components and systems. This includes the drive train, standard and automatic transmissions, the differential and shafts, hydraulic and air suspensions, the steering system, brakes, carburetors and devices, the starting and charging systems, electric and electronic accessories, and more!


Preparing the students will forever remain at the forefront of the Aviron priorities. As a Mechanic, one must constantly refer to plans, specifications, drawings, and recommendations provided by manufacturers. The qualities often sought out in the realm of mechanics are: organization, interest in manual and intellectual work, precision and independence. Furthermore, they must have the competence to diagnose and resolve problems, a sense of responsibility and communication skills. We know this sounds like a lot, but with the support of the staff at Aviron, you will be an expert in no time.


What are you waiting for? Join the Aviron family now in the Automobile Mechanics department.


Your future is beaming!


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