The Founding of Aviron Technical Institute

Posted on 2023-02-24 by Institut Technique Aviron de Montreal

The founding of Aviron Technical Institute might not be exactly what you imagined. In fact, it’s better. Back in 1937, as the entire country was preparing for war, Captain W.J. Guy, an aviation pioneer, and european industrial educator, Simon F. Flegg, combined their vast knowledge and expertise to establish Aviron. 


Within its first few months, Aviron dove right into flight mode, and played a large role in educating and training people in the world of aviation. Through the studying of many disciples, Aviron and the team were able to teach individuals about sheet metal transformation, assembly, design, and welding, just to name a few. 


At this time, the demand was very high for skilled workers in the aviation industry, and Aviron prepared and continues to prepare each and every student for success post graduation. It was these initial students that truly paved the way for Aviron to become the leading trade school in the province. 


While Aviron was created based on the market demand (and knowledge) of the founding fathers, the school has evolved and grown to provide the opportunity for students to study electricity, computing support, auto mechanics, industrial drafting and welding. And friends, we’re just getting started.


The most special part about Aviron is that the province of Quebec offers loans and bursary programs that are licensed by the MELS and the enlisting experts in the industry, aiding in giving all individuals an equal opportunity at a private education. 


Holding well over 600 students per term, Aviron vouches to continue the momentum in providing people with the education needed to pursue their dreams and careers. Aviron Technical Institute will forever be a Montreal landmark and continue to flourish with the years to come. 

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