Vocational Studies - Public School vs. Private School

Posted on 2023-04-28 by Institut Technique Aviron de Montreal

What is Vocational Education?

Many people choose to attend university. However, some people recognize that university may not be the right path for them.

Vocational studies, another continuing education option, allows students to acquire the appropriate skills and knowledge to flourish in their particular trade. The programs will equip graduates with the necessary skills to succeed. These skills will be accepted by employers and will enable them to enter the workforce with confidence.

Some professions that are learned through vocational education are: Welders, Electricians, Computer Technicians and Mechanics, just to name a few. Whatever your interests are, Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal has the program for you.


Academic Training vs Vocational Training

Education comes in many forms, vocational and academic training being two of the most well known. While they are similar in a lot of ways, they differ in their approach and time span to achieve alike goals.

A college education is also known as an academic education. An academic education provides general or broad knowledge that can be applied to a variety of professions within a specific field.

Learners must investigate topics outside of their chosen field. These topics will not be beneficial to their professional future.

Vocational education has a different approach to teaching. It focuses on giving students the skills and knowledge needed to master a craft, technical skill, or trade. Essentially, it is a more hands-on form of teaching.


Why Are Vocational Studies Important?

Vocational training courses are much shorter than 4 year university degree programs. They typically last up to 1800 hours. This makes trades an efficient way to enter the job market.

Vocational studies are important for those who cannot afford or are not mentally prepared for a long-term education. Vocational studies provide an alternative for those who cannot pursue traditional education.

It is also a good way to gain skills and knowledge quickly and efficiently. In fact, most individuals go to school simply to make money in their future. At Aviron, that will be accomplished in a fraction of the time.

Completing a trade can lead to a fulfilling career. It also helps to prepare for the job market and boosts both the local technology and economic growth.


About Aviron’s Vocational Programs

Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal is an esteemed Vocational School in Quebec. It has a history of nearly a century and offers five courses of study.

Aviron offers a unique opportunity for all applicants by bypassing public school wait times . This allows people to start their career as quickly as possible.

There is a fitting program for everyone. It doesn't matter what their interests or skills are.

Aviron covers cutting-edge technology like Computer Support and Drafting programs. We also cover manual professions like Automobile Mechanics, Welding & Fitting, and Electricity. Aviron also offers hands-on student service aid to ensure all students achieve their goals.

As an independent private school, Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal provides a unique approach to education. It takes hard work and dedication to make the most of this opportunity.

With our open house event vastly approaching, we warmly invite you to our event of the year. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to see the school's community and all that Aviron has to offer.

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